· description of special products
·Press die components catalogue
-Mold group:carbide punching\guide bushing series;
-Guide group:guide pins\guide bushing\guide post sets series;
-Elastic Components:Steel wire springs\polyurethane springs\gas springs series;
-Retaining and Connecting Group:Punching die\retaining plate for male/female\retainer\dowel pin\screw etc;
-Material transferring Group:Lifting and guiding assembly\material transferring/guiding components;
-Mold base Group:Mould plate,coining die,CNC processing template etc
Technical Data
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·New products/product recommend
-Press mold base
-The processing technology with new found:The total Length of mold base within 2.5m can be processed in December 2009;
-The latest preferential:the heavy duty brown spiral springs can be supplied without payment if order mold base .


-Ppunches with head

-Treatment of coating TIC

Punches with groove

Treatment of coating TICN


Square Jektole punches –T shape punches

Square punches- use for pressing with plates(TICN coating)