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,Plastic Mold Components

,Ejector Group: Straight ejector pin, step ejector pin,rectangular ejector pin series;
,Molding Group: Center pin, straight core pin, one-step,two-step group core pin series;
,Guide/Locating Group: Taper pin, guide pin, guide bushing series;
,Side action Group: Angular guide pin, locking blocks, guide rail sliding blocks series;
,Sprue/Runner Series: Sprue bushing locating ring,runner lock pin, pin gate series;
,Close/open control Components: Protection plates, parting locks,tension links etc;
,Elastic Components: Wire spring series;
,Miscellaneous: Cooling and temperature-regulating series, EDM Processing series ;

Technical Data
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,Molding Group:Carbide punching,guide bushing series;
,Guide Group:Guide pins,guide bushings,guide post sets series;
,Elastic Components:Steel wire springs,polyurethane springs,gas springs series;
,Retaining and Connecting Group: Punching die, retaining plate for male/female mold, retainer, dowel pin, screw etc;
,Material transferring Group: Lifting and guiding assembly, material transferring /guiding components;
,Mold base Group:Mould plate,coining die,CNC processing template etc.
,FA components
,Carbide End Mills,mainly polishing and grinding parts
,Carbide End Mills Special District SAC Series
,Carbide End Mills XCP,XAC Series
,Copper Electrode User-defined TypeMin. designated unit is 1mm
,Ceramic Fiber Stones,use for removing burrs.